Vin de France


Chateau du Frandat

We are one of the very few independent winemakers in the Buzet appellation, which achieved AOC status in 1973. We offer several different blends which are the result of our hard work, our passion and 35 years of family expertise.

Floc de Gascogne

Floc de Gascogne (from Lou Floc, Occitan for 'bouquet of flowers') is a Gascon concoction dating back to the sixteenth century, a blend of know-how and tradition. It is the result of a subtle marriage between the charm of fresh grape juice and the force of young Armagnac from the estate.


Of all the wine-based eaux-de-vie, the Armagnac produced in the heart of Gascony is the oldest. We produce only small volumes and let the different vintages age in our cellars for a great many years.