CHATEAU DU FRANDAT, Floc de Gascogne, AOC Floc de Gascogne, Blanc

AOC Floc de Gascogne

The Gascon aperitif, blend of fresh grape juice and young Armagnac.


The Floc de Gascogne holds its name from flòc (« bouquet of flowers » in occitan) et Gascony, name of the ancient province of the south-west of France where it is originary from.
Our vines are situated on a wide plateau, on the heights of Nérac, Gascony.
Clay and limestone soils
During the harvest, the fresh grape juice and young Armagnac (two thirds to one third) are blended in airtight tanks. The blend is left to rest until the end of winter. ater on, Floc de Gascogne is subject to a series of careful preparations : racking, fining, filtration, cold stablization … and hence the new Floc de Gascogne is ready in the spring.
Colombard : 50 %
Ugni blanc : 50 %

Tasting tips

To be served very chilled (5 / 7 °C°)
The white Floc de Gascogne finds much aromatic finesse, fresh fruit and citrus notes from the Colombard; the Ugni-Blanc grape with its acidic freshness brings dried fruit aromas.