AOP Buzet

Hand harvested, no sulfites added wine.


No sulfites added wine, 100% cabernet franc.
2020 was a good vintage for us, with a rainy spring, then a dry summer, with stormy rains in August. The harvests occured a bit earlier than the previous years, and gave us fruity, well-balanced wines, not as concentrated than for 2018 or2019, but with softer tannins.
Our vines are situated on a wide plateau, on the heights of Nérac, Gascony.
Clay and limestone soils.
This 100% Cabernet Franc cuvée was harvested by hand on October 3, 2018. The development of this cuvée did not require electrical energy: manual destemming and punching down, gravity racking and devatting by hand. It is unfiltered and bottled without any added sulfites.
No sulphites
Cabernet franc : 100 %